I have always wanted to make movies!! 

Since I can ever remember!!

1st project.

In 1995 at the age of 15, I made my first music video (NUESTRO INSTITUTO) that I 

shot with a camcorder and edited connecting the camcorder to the VCR, using the

pause-record to record and cut without making the image jumpy and distorted. 

2nd project.

In 1998, I got my first camcorder once i moved to USA from Spain, I decided to shot (TWO OF ME) a project I shot, edited using the VCR to camcorder technique and played 3 different characters as I had no actors.

3rd project.

In 2004, my friend Jay Diamond was starting his own studio. So I decided to make another film (HUMAN BEHAVIOR) since he had professional cameras.

Being a working actor, going to class and booking rolls, I meet my friends Rodrigo Vera and Mario De Arce who helped me also make the film.

1st Professional Film.

In 2007, I had another idea for a film (COMBUSTION) so I

wrote a script, but this time I wanted it to look professional, 

as my previous films had a very Home Made Amateur look

to them. At this point I had worked on lots of professional

projects as an Actor, Stand In, Photo Double and Extra.

Even got free filmmaking lessons from one of the

cinematographers for months.

Then I decided to buy my own camera (Panasonic DVX-100B)

and Apple iMac to edit it. With lots of help from my friend 

Rodrigo Vera, the film was finally shot in 2009 and completed

in 2010. This is when i really felt I had reached a professional

level, as it was screened with great feedback. 

Studio Experience.

In 2010, my friend from acting class Eric Evans opened his own studio.

Impressed with the look of my movie COMBUSTION he hired me

as camera operator and editor of the studio.

Reality Show Experience.

In summer 2013, I decided to buy a camera (Panasonic HMC-150) and

Apple Macbook Pro to shoot new projects in High Definition and in

way better quality. Working on projects such as ZEN DETECTIVES,

led me to feeling confident enough to start my own business and

offer my services at affordable prices.

More Film Experience. 

In October 2013, my friend Michael Gianelli and i did our first test

shoot for a possible upcoming film CHASING ANDALUSIAN. 

Written by Michael Gianelli. 

Commercial Experience.

In March 2014, Quan Nguyen proprietor of ARCADE WORKS, 

B.L.W. and the OMEGA videogame system hired me to do a 

Documentary-Advertizing campaign to promote his products.

Special Event Experience.

Various special events have been shot throughout 2014, including 

Weddings. Which is now given me the experience to shoot such


Kickstarter Campaing Experience.

In January 2015 a very successful Kickstarter for the Nintendo B.L.W

funded and exceeded the goal of $15K by gathering $45,000.00

thanks to the help of our PROMOTIONAL VIDEO, DEMO VIDEO

as well as a FULL INSTALLATION VIDEO for the product.

There are various projects in the works and yours could be too!!

Contact me if you are interested on the                            page.

Unlike, most of the Hollywood I am surrounded by..

I do this, for the creative aspect, love and

passion I have for this craft. 

​​And the business aspect of it, comes second.